That First Step

The woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
Miles to go before I sleep
And Miles to go before I sleep

This beautiful poem is an encouragement and a reminder for all of us towards our responsibilities and accountability that we have in our lives. There is much deeper meaning to each and every line in this poem but all I can relate is to how to not give up without accomplishing what you have to.

But before we talk about those miles and miles to go, how about we realize that this journey would start only if we take ‘that first step’. Not the mere, put on your shoes and step out one, but that step where you would have to put on your shoe of self confidence and step out of your comfort zone.


Quite challenging, right?

Even for that first step, you need to gather all your toes to establish your foot firm on the ground to proceed. And this dilemma is faced mostly by us, women, more than men. I do not say that all women out there have this dilemma, and neither do I confirm that all men are super confident, but I know that this self doubt occurs to every individual at some point of his or her life. Doubting our efforts and discounting our worth come naturally to many of us and its important to acknowledge it and deal with it. Overcome IT!

How many times have we found ourselves in the pool of conflicting thoughts, yes Conflicting! Conflict comes in different forms, doesn’t it? Some women, who have chosen to be at home for the family sake are judged for not being competitive and some women, who are out there earning for themselves and the family are judged for being over competitive. But does anyone benefit from this conflict? What does this conflict conclude? Nothing but another conflict deep inside us giving rise to a question of ‘Am I doing it right’? Shaking our self confidence.

This is a loop we would see ourselves falling in if we do not take that first step. That step could be towards anything. Be it to start a career after a long break or taking a break after a stressful career. Believe in your decisions, which will help to believe in you. We are so often stressed with our responsibilities towards our family and kids that we forget that there is Me in Mummy. That ‘Me’ needs your attention too. Make a promise to yourself FOR yourself.

Step out and discover the real purpose of that First Step you want to take. Explore the abilities within you. Break the Bubble of any doubt that holds you back from achieving what you want to. The world might say many things but let your mind see the beam of positive in your eyes. Discover and Enjoy the Me in you by taking that First Step.

Promise yourself to not let the dreams inside you die. Even a small spark can lead to a big fire. Ignite this small spark within you. That First Step towards the promise that you have made to yourself. Nothing can stop you, except you! Celebrate the First Step, Celebrate You. And if you cannot find the Me in you, then create the Me you want to be.

Written by Priyadarshini S Arakkal

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